Peace! What’s popping y’all??? This is my first blog and at the same time its a milestone for me personally due to the subject, as I was blessed wit’ the opportunity to meet, link and break bread last week wit’ Silicon Valley tech billionaire and venture capitalist Ben Horowitz in the flesh…obviously the muse behind and the man who inspired my “Venture Capitalist (Like Ben Horowitz)” song…Meeting Ben was a great personal achievement within itself considering my origin and background, yet it shows and proves the power and strength of Hip-Hop, to be able to bridge the gap and bring together two extremely separate individuals and from extremely two different socio-economic worlds…Ben and I had initially met at the The Phat Startup event he was scheduled to attend and I was invited to…The Phat Startup co-founder James Lopez treated me wit’ great reverence and the event was very interesting… Afterward Ben personally invited me out to dinner wit’ himself, his wife Felicia, R&B singer Ryan Leslie and Hip-Hop historian Fab 5 Freddy…indeed the Fab 5 Freddy from Yo MTV Raps fame, whom also directed videos for KRS-One and a video for “One Love” from Nas’ Illmatic, etc. Very interesting individual wit’ a lot of historical Hip-Hop stories…Ben is a very down to earth dude and his wife Felicia is a very beautiful spirit within herself…he signed a copy of his book Hard Thing About Hard Things for me and wrote a brief personal and very inspirational message…It was a great dinner wit’ great conversation and me and Ryan Leslie were able to build on business as Ben wanted to link us together for said purpose being Ryan’s a very successful independent artist and I’m on my grind wit’ the same goal in mind…Overall the food and night was incredible and I was most appreciative to be blessed wit’ the opportunity and to have experienced such a wonderful night wit’ great and phenomenally inspiring individuals…Subscribe to my blog and stay in tune and updated on e’ything I’m doing and trying to make happen in my personal and professional life…’till we meet minds again…Bless! Peace!

Divine – “The 4th Letter”

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