Keeping It Real With Ben Horowitz


Divine has been invited and is scheduled to attend The Phat Startup event Startups Are Hard: Keeping It Real With Ben Horowitz. Just recently Divine has been linked to Horowitz via his release of a new single “Venture Capitalist (Like Ben Horowitz)” when it was posted on Hip-Hop lyrics annotation website Rap Genius along with the lyrics and caught the attention of Horowitz himself, who’s investment firm Andreesen Horowitz is an investor in Rap Genius. Now the two will officially meet via The Phat Startup’s event on Tuesday, April 15th in NYC.

The Phat Startup is an integrated media company that produces premium content for all levels of entrepreneurs. They are inspired by and fuse together Lean Startup methodology and Hip-Hop culture. At their events individuals are able to learn from successful entrepreneurs, network with fellow Hip-Hop enthusiasts, and discuss strategies that can assist others while building their businesses.

The Phat Startup is where Hip-Hop, tech and entrepreneurship meet. They discuss Technology Entrepreneurship and how Hip-Hop has inspired founders to start businesses. The Phat Startup also brings together thought leaders from various industries so participants can learn what it takes to be successful in business. They feel that by sharing the knowledge they have all obtained, it can create an ecosystem that could provide value for everyone. They do so via The Phat Startup website.

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